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Here's the place where I talk about one of the most imortant things in my life...FRIENDS!
Here I'll talk about anyone and everyone from Andie to Luz to Jessica to Angela to'll feel like you know them too!

drums rawk!
  Yeah heres sum more writing lol
normal people scare me
Once a freak, always a freak
Im tired of stupid people
The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me
dont interrupt me while im talking to myself
i did a bad thing
im not anti-social, i just dont like you
its not nice to point and stare
sorry, was i screaming again?
im one of the bad things that happens to good people
i have imaginary friends
im a mess
runs with scissors
doesn't play well with others

*People I thank without a pic*
*Andrea T.
*Andrea C.
*Jessica D.
*Matt S.
*Britknee B.
*Brittany M.
*C.C. Smith
*Kristen B.
*Kristen T.
*Jason P.
*Jennifer W.
*Jennifer U.

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~*~Best Friendz~*~
This is Amy and Angela! They're great! I love them to death! Amy moved to Keller (like an hour from my house) but we try to keep eachother updated on our lives and ya know..anyways this is them!

~*~Best Friendz~*~
Andie, where to begin, you and I have been friends for soooooo long, I have known you forever + a day lol what was that qoute i wanted of yours? me and tell me