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Is it something I imagined
all white and even so pure
or so it was told and truthfully seemed

I thought I wanted it
really I did
or maybe I didn't

From another source
it could've been perfect
but with one slick thrust ruined

Permanently scared and stained
From you, your face, your hands
Your legs, your body, your everything

To remember is pain
I never want to see you again
I never want to cry again

Dirty and impure, is what I am
please ignore my past and
Welcome me with open arms


So many have come
so few have stayed
all that was given to them
and it was thrown away
as if it were meaningless
nothing could be more
more tender than this
treated with such kindness
treated like royalty
what part of
"this is all i have to offer"
did not make sense?
I had nothing more
and nothing less
it was once a full
and loving part of me
now it is broken
broken into a million
tiny pieces.


I'm the toxin
that kills you.
I'm the mistake
my parents made.
I'm the understatement
in my school.
I'm the misguided one
in my church.
I'm the corruption
of your soul.
I'm the hate
of your heart.


don't look at me
don't remember my taste
don't say my name
i told you never again
but the words were lost
amongst you and your
self pity
never again i say
and this is forever

She stands around
like she doesn't care
she hides behind
her long brown hair

The people, they stop
and have to say
"dude, Jesus loves you"
and "are you okay?"

Don't judge me
don't judge me by
my looks

She has all her friends
that's all she really needs
but do people think
when she is cut that
she too doesn't bleed?

Why do people judge
from the outside in?
It doesn't matter
the appearance of my skin

Don't judge me
Don't judge me by
my looks

I'm a human too
born unto this
so treat me with love
sealed with a kiss

Suburban housewife
Tied down with kids
Cooking the meals
And washing the clothes

P.T.A meeting on Monday
Teacher meeting on Thursday
Check those report cards
Give out the punishment

Balance the checkbook
Give me your money
Give me a ride I say
I love you ends this conversation

Keep your husband happy
Make him feel good
Obey his every command
Dont argue

What a wonderful mother
What an excellent friend
What a terrific parent
What a special wife