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DiArY oF mY sOuL

oh the harshness of words

This is where I plan on putting my deepest thoughts that I feel I can share with all of the world and not be judged too terribly. My words mean so much to me, so I will be careful of what I tell you.


It's amazing, every once in a while, you come across people who you think that you know, really well, then it turns out that all they do is dissapoint you and everyone else that you are surrounded by.

Thanks for everyone in this picture not being like that.

Thanks to Travis for making this sentimental piece.

my love


you have my heart.

be safe. wherever you are. at all times.

for you.

your family.

your friends.

and me.


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You scored as A Too Sweet Faerie. So sweet your totally sugared up! Has there ever been anyone so nice. Quick to forgive and quick to forget, everybody wants to know you! You've just got to make sure nobody takes advantage and tries to use you, don't be afraid to say no sometimes!