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Yeah, these are some cool links....yeah....

here ya go people, heres some cool links that me and some people have approved for my site...theyre cool tho...

friends links
Jessica's site! haha this site is awesome! it's cool Jessica is crazy, so yeah its kick ass..
Dorothy aka Dorks Page It's Dorothy's site..yay! shes great and she doesnt smell lol hahahahaha anyways yeah um hey dork..
Andies site! This is one of my best friends cool site! Andie you rawk forever and everyone knows it! hehe
Amys site hell yah, this is one of my best friends, Amy, rock on wit ur bad self lol SIK 4 LIFE

other stuff
brandon's pics Brandon here are your dumb pics!
more pics of Brandon here are some more of your dumb pics! :)
VISIT THE MESSAGE BOARDS cool band! they rock and yeah they're really good!
hot topic Be this store has everything you could possibly want to wear! Literally
t-shirt hell..the store this site has the greatest shirts you could want. don't go here if you're easily offended..
glam goddess this is the high school i go to, it's cool i guess, it's 3 floors, has a cyber cafe, has a coffee shop, has a food court, has a glass elevator in the middle and yeah, it's alrite, and oh yeah, they gave us laptops instead of books, but yeah its ok..
My Personal Death Clock This is where my email is located! Great site..
Brandon and his buds site the funniest site ever! they have great pics and funny vids. plus, Brandon is hot!